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Venezuela is witnessing an outbreak of a still unknown virus that spreads quickly. Within the chaos and confusion Adam looks for his son to the other side of the country, in this Horror Road Movie we see the protagonist travel through his country destroyed by a fatal vitus.

Dir. Flavio Pedota

cinematography interview

In the Mexican Society of Cinematography (AMC) Magazine 


In order to protect a dangerous secret, two uncompromising women hide the truth as a relentless Sheriff digs deeper  


Dir. Charlene Bagcal 

KOV titulo 2.png

SINOPSIS: A mysterious female assassin begins a war against the Mexican drug cartel that is responsible of her family's massacre.  


Dir. Fernando Barreda


SINOPSIS: Short film in collaboration with Rosepetal Pistol starring Kate and TJ Miller (

Official Selections: Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival '17 London International Film Festival of Sci-Fi and Fantastic Film '17 TAGS Short, Mystery, Magical Realism, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Visual Storytelling, Music/Music Video, Fashion, Romance, Film, Narrative.

Dir. Charlene Bagcal


Short film that tells the story of a young man who discovers his neighbors through a hole in the wall and the dark practices they do. The impetus of a young man to discover his sexuality through spying on the intimacy of his neighbors.

Dir. Charlene Bagcal



The ads invite people to apply for residency by submitting personal video stating why they should be selected the honor to live in Lancer. Our hero, Simone Stone, is being hunted down by U.S. authorities for disclosing the government’s plan to and low-income communities through biological warfare. Mass anti-government protests ensue soon after causing riots nationwide. 

The ruler of Lancer, Dagmar, personally reaches out to Simone after hearing her story on the news and offers to provide her with asylum in Lancer.

During the global decline and when people’s vulnerability runs high, strange worldwide broadcast commercials laced with propaganda, promote safety and security in a mysterious new country called Lancer. 

Dir. Charlene Bagcal

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